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One stop customer Gift Cards

Gift Cards from CaribPay have increased significantly in recent years to help strengthen the relationship between Merchants and Consumers. CaribPay’s loyalty & membership product has been designed with the travel, leisure and retail industries in mind and can help to grow your customer base.

Why choose our loyalty system?

Fast to market
Our loyalty membership features that ready to use and an open architecture, your loyalty solution can be delivered much faster.
Scalable system
With CaribPay loyalty membership system able to create a complete and scalable system that is easily administered by you without technical skills required.
With full access to the source code, you can use our system as a framework, easily make changes to anything and add your own unique customization.
Easy to access
Giving merchants and customers easy to access from anywhere with any device, via the secure password protected login by using our system.
Customer Friendly
We make our customer easy to collect, check and redeem points in seconds, whether they are purchasing online, using a loyalty card or our easy to use mobile app.
Support Multiple Locations
Your customers can use our loyalty & membership at any of your locations and our services also allows you to give loyalty points to online customers too.

Market — your busines

One platform to find and sell to the right shoppers, wherever they are.

Improved our customer experience and reduced acquisition costs Our services provide new & existing clients with personalized offers to achieve better business results in no time

Full insight into customer behavior understand your customers’ needs better by using intelligence and machine learning technologies

Increased loyalty of program members It break the cycle of price comparison and prevent deal-driven customer churn

Raising brand awareness To gain a stronger market position and stay ahead of your competitors

Real-time efficiency Able communicate with your customers through multiple channels effectively at all times

Reliability & convenience Run in multiple loyalty programs simultaneously using a single, robust platform

We work with you to achieve your goals

Works for All Your Customers
Branding our own loyalty card
Handsfree Marketing
Works for Online Purchases