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Anyone that is a citizen or resident of the Eastern Caribbean at least 18 years of age.

Typically within 1 working day after all documents are submitted.

There are 3 payment options available on CaribPay: 1.) Online Banking (choose our online banking partners) 2.) Credit Cards (Visa & Mastercard) 3.) Debit Cards (Visa & Mastercard)

CaribPay is only available in the English language. Simplicity in Caribpay design enables anyone regardless of language preference to use it with ease. We are adding more languages, please share your preferred language by submitting a request.

A chargeback is received when a cardholder disputes a transaction with their card issuing bank. A chargeback can occur when the merchant has made an error at the point of sale, for example, an expired card has been used. A chargeback can also occur when the cardholder or the Card Issuing Company ("the Issuer") is disputing the transaction.

Yes, you can refund transactions through CaribPay. Multiple refunds may be performed on a transaction if the total refunded amount does not exceed the total of the original payment. Refunds can be performed through CaribPay's APIs or online from our Merchant Login facility. Merchants can only refund a payment back to the card used for the original payment.

Yes. The CaribPay payment system can be integrated within a website so that the look and feel is retained. Many of our products allow customisation.

CaribPay can provide a daily report file of transactions processed the previous day. This report or all listing can be view at all activity that have at apps.